Announcement of FBL Winter Collections and New Partnerships

Partnerships Elevate FBL’s Commitment to Basketball

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FBL Sports proudly announce two significant partnerships that underscore its commitment to expanding the love for basketball and supporting player development.

Fastbreak Basketball Academy Joins FBL Family

FBL welcomes Fastbreak Basketball Academy into our family. The academy, founded by Jarryd Hoppo, a four-time representative of South Australia at the National Championships and a current NBL1 player for the South Adelaide Panthers, aims to provide a comprehensive training solution for players who want to push their basketball skills in the game loved by many.

Partnership with Women’s NBL 1 Coach, Richard Dickel

FBL’s collaboration with admired women’s NBL 1 coach, Richard Dickel, is a landmark moment for the brand. Dickel, having experienced the protection and support offered by FBL’s basketball gear, expressed genuine admiration for the brand’s specialisation in basketball and premium product quality. In recognition of PinkSportsDay, Dickel has added a special ‘pinkribbon’ art design to FBL’s white basketball shoes, signifying FBL’s commitment to raising awareness for breast cancer.

The ‘EDGE’ Pink Limited Edition

FBL’s New Winter Collection: A Fusion of Style and Comfort

As the winter season approaches, FBL has unveiled a new lineup of stylish and comfortable winter wear.

The Unisex Hoodie: Elegance Meets Comfort

The new unisex hoodie from FBL, available in classic black and white shades, promises style, comfort, and durability at an unbeatable price. Weighing just 320g, the hoodie features a large self-colour embroidery at the centre, gold eyelets, and drawstring ends, creating an elegant and luxurious piece perfect for the colder months.

The Premium Letterman Jacket: A Statement Piece for Winter

FBL’s premium Letterman Jacket is a winter must-have. With a black wool body and cowhide leather sleeves, this jacket combines warmth and luxury. The black and white rib on the sleeves and back, along with the 3D embroidery on the FBL Shield and flat embroidery on the number 23, make this high-quality jacket a bold fashion statement for the winter season.

FBL Products are Now Available on Catch

FBL are proud to announce that its products are now available on Catch, a popular online shopping platform. This expansion provides customers with another convenient avenue to explore and purchase FBL’s products. This expansion provides customers with another convenient avenue to explore and purchase FBL’s products.

FBL invites everyone to step into winter with style and warmth by exploring the new collection either on their website or through Catch. The brand is excited to continue its journey of spreading the love for basketball and creating stylish, comfortable apparel that everyone can enjoy.

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